Frequently Asked Questions

Products & Delivery

No. We do not generate the license or activation codes. Our suppliers deliver the codes and we deliver them once orders are completed.

In some cases, if your order does not pass our anti-fraud verification, the order is placed On Hold for further manual verification. If this is the case, you will be notified via email that your order is On Hold until the manual verification is completed. We might require further information from you to process your order. If we require further information, we will contact you via email.

The manual verification can take up to a few hours, depending on the case and on your email response.

We use an automatic delivery system that sends your license or activation code as soon as the order status is “Completed“. Once you have placed and paid for your order, our anti-fraud system verifies your billing and payment details. If your order passes the anti-fraud checks, your order is automatically delivered in minutes. Once your order status is Completed, you will receive your code via the order email address and it will be shown in your account (if you already have an account).

A license code or an activation code is a combination of characters (numbers, letters and/or dashes) that is used to activate a copy of the product. These codes are used to register and activate a certain product. The code can be delivered in text or image format, depending on the product.

Orders & Payment

Yes. You can pay with your credit card by selecting the guest checkout option on PayPal. Once you do, you will be able to complete your payment using your credit card, without having to setup a PayPal account.

If you already have a PayPal account and the credit card is already linked to your PayPal account, you will have to login and complete the payment process from your PayPal account.

Yes. Our site is secure and the data is encrypted. You can see that all of our pages are SSL secured.

Your payment details are safe as we do not store any payment information on our servers. The payment process is completed using PayPal’s secure servers and you don’t have to enter any payment details on our website.

As we work with PayPal, we accept a wide variety of currencies. The prices are displayed in US Dollars ($), but we accept many other currencies. If you pay in a different currency, the system will automatically convert to USD on our end.

We currently accept PayPal accepted payment methods.

You can pay with your balance (if you already have a PayPal account), or by using your credit or debit card.

The accepted cards are: Visa and MasterCard.

Activation Guides

If you don’t know how to activate your Windows 10 copy (home or pro), we have prepared a detailed installation guide.

Click the link below and follow the step by step instructions:

How to install Windows 10

If you don’t know how to activate your Office 2016 (Windows), you can follow the instructions.

Click here to check out the Office 2016 for Windows installation guide.

If you are having trouble installing or activating your Office 2016 copy, on your Mac device, please click here.

Don’t know how to install or activate Office 2019 on your Windows PC?

No problem, check out our step by step guide to Install Office 2019 on Windows.

Having trouble installing and activating Office 2019?

Don’t worry. Check out our Office 2019 installation guide for Mac users.

Click here and follow the instructions to redeem and install your Malwarebytes Premium anti-virus.

If you don’t know how to activate and install Avast Internet Security 2018 on your Windows device, follow this installation guide.

Other Questions

We have a long time collaboration with our suppliers and partners, so we manage to obtain the best deals for our customers. Another reason is the fact that we sell digital codes, meaning that there are no logistics expenses with delivery, storage and transport.

No. We only sell digital products and licenses. The main reason is because we want the products to reach you as soon as possible, without having to wait for shipments.

All the products are downloaded from the official websites, meaning that you only have to enter the activation code you get from us.

Since all of our products are digital, we sell worldwide. The delivery is made electronically via email.

You can ask for a refund as long as your order status is “Pending” or “Processing“, and you haven’t received the activation / license code.

If your order status is “Completed” and you received your activation / license code, you cannot ask for a refund.

Since the license codes cannot be returned (there is no guarantee that the code hasn’t been used or will be used in the future), we cannot offer a refund once the code is sent to your email address.

We offer a few methods to get in touch with us. Since your opinion is very important to us, you have the possibility of contacting us using any of the methods below:

  • Contact Form: you can contact us using the website’s contact form, by clicking here.
  • Email: you can get in touch with us by sending us an email at
  • Live Chat: another way you can reach us is through the Live Chat. If we are not online in the Live Chat section, you can also leave a your email address and message there. We will contact you as soon as possible via email.

If you have any suggestions, feedback, questions or require any information regarding our products, orders, payment options, delivery or website, feel free to contact us. We will do our best to respond as soon as possible.

In some cases, if we receive a lot of emails or requests, the response time might rise, but don’t worry, we try to read and respond to all the emails we receive.

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